Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hello all,

First, I would like to say thank you for all your support. It's been a good year here at Tiger Paw Press thanks to you. This year we released new titles in the S.I.D.s report, Wondrous Treasures and Monster Mash lines. We added to the Grimiore Arcana series, Technomany spell list and released a Psionic Compendium. Some of this was on the release schedule some of it was added as the year went on.

Well, now Christmas is almost upon us and that means that 2018 is just around the corner. So I think it's time for TPP to decide exactly what will be released in 2018. I've been giving it some thought and have decided a couple things.

First, a release schedule isn't really a accurate indication of what will be released in 2018. To many times this year things were moved, bumped and in some cases removed titles. Second, a set release period, even by quarters, doesn't work out well either. This is due to the before mentioned reasons and a pesky thing called life. So instead I have decided to make a small list of produces that I plan on finishing and releasing in 2018.

S.I.D.s Report & S.I.D.s Bulletin
There will be new titles in this series in 2018, two such titles will be S.I.D.s report - Denier & Company & S.I.D.s Bulletin - Black Spyder

Wondrous Treasures
New titles in this line will be released. Wondrous Treasures - Bows & Wondrous Treasures - Arrows are in different stages at this time.

Monster Mash
Continuation of this line will include Monster Mash - Occulord-kin II & Monster Mash - Krylons is planned.

Villainy Codex III
Villainy Codex III will be released in 2018. This book is planned to reintroduce an some "friends" while introducing some new "anything but friends".

Technomancy Complete
This product will be a compilation of the two Technomancy spell list combined into one organized and bookmarked PDF

Other Products
There are other projects being worked on as well. Including other titles in the Villainy Codex, S.I.D.s, Wondrous Treasure & Monster Mash lines. Tome of Lost Spells has more spells to be added, #1 stopped at D after all. There could be multiple titles on these lines or simple one and maybe even no more than the above mentioned.

Other new titles could include for Fantasy Hero: Tome of Enlightenment (much as the Tome of Lost Spells except this is spells for wandering priest), Dead Orc Pass fantasy Setting, Terror In Darken Woods & Tomb of the Shadow King adventures.

For Star Hero: Tome of Villainy II & Spells and Starships campaign setting.

For Champion: TITechCorp Flyer series, Villainy Codex adventures, Heroes Resource (heroic organizations to help the lone heroes), BAMF (a government agency monitoring magic phenomenon), Project Pegasus campaign setting, Crime Wave supervillain campaign setting and War on Mars campaign setting. For Golden Age Champions S.I.D.s Report Archive (modern record of Golden Age super-powered individuals).

I hope that this gives you an idea of what is coming in the future from Tiger Paw Press. I hope you enjoy these, and  our other products, and they are useful to you gaming endeavors. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year

Happy Gaming

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